Building Material Supply Store Jackson, MS

At Prassel Lumber, we are your trusted source for reliable and comprehensive building material supplies. We offer a vast array of high-quality building materials for every construction project out there! With just one stop at Prassel Lumber, you’ll find everything you need for a seamless and easy building experience. We strive to keep the entire process simple and straightforward, so our experienced staff has extensive knowledge of all our materials and associated applications. If you’d like, we can provide expert advice and guide you to exactly what you need. 

Building Material Selection

Builders Hardware

Door handles, locks, hinges, accessories, and more are available at Prassel. We offer a wide range of corrosion-resistant options, various styles to integrate with every aesthetic, and reliable, quality hardware.


Drywall, ceiling tiles, suspended ceiling systems, etc. can be found when you visit Prassel. We ensure that there is a range for you to choose from, ensuring that fire safety, acoustic requirements, and easy installation are all met.

Cement & Concrete

Cement and concrete types vary depending on your specific application. When looking for various cement types and concrete aggregates, visit Prassel. We have cement blends specifically for fast curing, strength, reinforcement requirements, and environmental requirements. 

Drywall & Insulation

Drywall, used for interior wall and ceiling construction, is available at Prassel. When purchasing drywall with us, you’ll find various materials (plasterboard, gypsum, etc) for fire and moisture resistance, as well as easily installed drywall. Similarly, insulation of different values (R-ratings) are always ready to go at Prassel, so that you have everything you need in one stop.

Glass & Plastic Sheets

To meet standards while providing a transparent or translucent surface for various applications, you can select from a wide range of glass and plastic sheets at Prassel Lumber. We have a range of insulated, UV-resistant, and impact-resistant glass and plastic sheeting for sale.


Reliable ladders are one of the most essential components of any construction project and here at Prassel, we have a wide range of options always available. From aluminum to fiberglass, our ladder selection offers every height and weight capacity you may need, all while complying with safety standards. 


Bricks, stones, concrete blocks, and every other type of masonry you’ll need for your wall or structure are available year-round at Prassel Lumber. If we don’t have what you need in stock, we can have it delivered within the week.

Molding & Millwork

We also have all the finishing options for your building project. Our comprehensive selection of trim, crown molding, window casings, and so forth are all available in a variety of styles and colors to accommodate every architectural style you may need.

Why Choose Prassel Lumber for Building Supplies?

The Prassel promise means that when you choose us, you’re always getting:

  • Quality you can rely upon
  • Extensive product range
  • Convenient & easy one-stop shop
  • Knowledgeable & experienced staff
  • Commitment to local DIYers, contractors, and builders

From foundation to finish, Prassel Lumber has you covered! With a wide array of building materials and skilled staff to guide you through, your one stop will be convenient, efficient, and affordable. Visit us today and discover why we are the premier location for building materials in Jackson, Mississippi.

Introduction To Prassel Lumber

Welcome to Prassel Lumber, your local building supply headquarters in Central Mississippi! Whether you’re a contractor working on a major construction project or a DIY home improvement enthusiast, we are your go-to source for all your building material needs. With an extensive inventory that spans structural and framing lumber, doors, hardware, and everything required for the perfect finishing touches, we’re here to make your renovating, building, and landscaping projects streamlined, simple, and straightforward. As a locally owned company, we take pride in offering our community quality, cost-efficient, convenient construction products with expert local assistance along the way. That’s the Prassel Promise and we stand behind it. Our team invites you to stop by and experience the Prassel difference today!

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