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About Us

Prassel Lumber and Industrial Supplies

Prassel Lumber Company is a family-owned business, and was founded in 1959 by Allen W. Prassel. Over the years the company developed into retail and industrial divisions, from all of the hard work of our loyal employees, which have been with the company for up to 35 years. We have a combined workforce of over a 100 years in the lumber and hardware business, and with all of our experience, you are guaranteed to get the best knowledge and service on building products in this ever changing industry. We serve and welcome all customers in-and-out of the state of Mississippi and throughout the Southeastern region with most every type of lumber and plywood and all different types of hardware for commercial or home building. Also, if we don’t stock or have whatever you might need in our store, then we can order anything you need and have it in our store for you in a matter of days.

Today, Prassel Lumber continues to be a family-owned business while we try to make our customers always feel like part of our family. No job is too big or too small for Prassel Lumber. Contact us for any quotes, questions, or inquiries you might have, because we are always here for all of our customers wants and needs. Thank you for your time and business!
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Contact Us: 601 - 856 - 4191